Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure

Have it in mind that some of the links being included in our blog posts are affiliate links. If you visit them to make a successful purchase of a product or service, we will earn some commission without any additional cost to your purchase whatsoever.

This should be made known to you that Probusinessideas link to some of the companies that we have an affiliate relationship with such as Amazon, Domainking, Mailchimp, Fiverr, Jumia, etc. because some of them we have personally used their product or service and while some we haven’t but they are of quality and good reputation and not because of the commission I receive from the purchases you’ve made. And is from this commission that we use to maintain our blog and deliver quality and top-notch content to you for free.

The decision is up to you to make, and whether or not you choose not to decide to purchase something is entirely up to you.

Thanks for your understanding.

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